The World of Mirage

Mirage is set in a colorful and zany fantasy world. Think Disenchantment, Futurama, Gravity Falls, Rick and Morty, Last Kids on Earth. It can have grounded, sincere, dramatic, poignant moments, but it’s not meant to be too realistic or taken too seriously.


Cypress The capital of Anglecynn.

Altazia Cyoria Traintracks Academy of Arcane Arts and Adventures New Albion Skyport Stellarmir Clearwater Village Cliffsides Dusthowl Freeport, the Pirate Bay Freebay The Barren Jewel A city in the middle of a lifeless desert supported by magic.


The Isle of Exiles The place where many dark creatures have been banished after the failed invasion.

Datura Desert The Steamland Ayn Randian libertarian city of individualists. The pinnacle of technology in this world. With railguns, steamcopters, even a primitive computer.

The Bottomless Abyss Abandoned Dwarven Mines The Risen Lands Overrun by zombies and monsters

The Wisdom Tree Crash Site Omega 3 An ancient UFO buried underground

The Nightmare Realm The Upside-Down The dreamscape, Inception style.

The Floating Islands The Enchanted Forest The Cursed Forest The Swamp Kingdom of Dankmire In the middle of the tropical jungle

The Ancient Manor The Domed City The Mountain of Sacrifice The Dragon’s Lair Azkaban

The Vampire Castle The Impassable Mountains The Mount Doom The Ancient Tomb The Buried Temple The Magical Cave The Witch’s Hut The Haunted House The Magic Fountain The Orc Village The Treasure Island The Spooky Gates The Underground City

The Minotaur Cave The Happy Fair The Avian Land The Lighthouse The Lost Shores The Magic Mushrooms The Peaceful Pastures (not as peaceful as they seem)

The Sentient Forest The Outer Reaches The Western World The Ancient Land The Temple of Anubis The Artifact The Cathedral Dark Tower Devil’s Cave Dragonlands Druid Forest Druid Hut The Tree of Life Dwarven Citadel Fort Joy The Frozen Palace Highcastle Icelands The Infinite Library The Land of Giants The Malestorm Merefolk Town The Underwater Ruins Monster Cemetery Richport Quarry Research Camp Ruined Tower The Ruins Sandcastle The Silent Citadel The Skull Island The Source of Magic Swamp Village The Hall Of Heroes The Pond of Answers The Spire Whitecastle Elven Land

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