Welcome to Mirage!

Mirage is a lighthearted, social, easy to learn roleplaying game, focused on storytelling, improvisation, imagination and creativity. Your goal is to make up and play out a fun story. You will go on adventures, complete quests, find treasure, slay dragons, and gain awesome powers.

Have you heard about Dungeons and Dragons? Mirage is made for the people who, like me, enjoy the social/creative aspects of DnD, but don’t like the countless arguments over the intricate rules, the painfully slow combat encounters, and all the tedious arithmetics.

The rules of Mirage are very simple, yet flexible, powerful and fun. They’re designed to encourage imagination, creativity, and storytelling, facilitate freeform improv, and then fade into the background and stay out of the way of roleplaying.

It’s perfect for people who want to get started with roleplaying but have no experience, and it’s great for getting your non-gamer friends or kids into RPGs. It’s great for improvisers and storytellers who want to focus on playing a fun long-form improv game, without the rules getting in the way. It’s also deep and interesting enough for the experienced players to play over a long period of time.

It takes 10-20 minutes to understand the rules and prepare for the game. You will learn everything you need to play by reading only two pages (this one and the rules).

Mirage can be played online and in-person. Join our Discord Community to play online, and go here to get all you need to play the pen-and-paper version.

How to Play

One of the players will be a Game Master (GM) - he is the narrator of your story, he creates the world around you and plays the part of all the non-player characters (NPC).

The other players are characters in this make-believe world. The GM will describe where these characters are and what is happening around them, and the players will play out scenes in these situations.

You will pretend to be your character. You describe what they say and do, react the way they would react, playing their role like an actor.

You will tell the GM what you want to do. It can be anything you can imagine - talk to other characters, attack an enemy, buy an item, cast a spell, etc. Then the GM will use the rules of the game and his imagination to tell you the result of your actions.

You will talk to the NPCs, and find an adventure to go on. As you adventure, your character will grow more powerful by learning new skills and spells and acquiring cool magical artifacts. You will creatively use the newly gained powers to overcome challenges, defeat the enemies, and complete quests. If you’re smart and inventive, you will return home victorious and with a great story to tell!

If this sounds exciting - go read the rules (don’t worry, they’re short and simple), and then join our discord community to find people you can play with.

Questions and Feedback

This system is still in active development. If you have any questions or ideas on how to improve it - send me an email to lumen@playmirage.io, or message me over discord (lumen#7925).

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