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This is a list of challenges your players can encounter on their adventure.


  1. Defeat a villain and his minions.
  2. Defeat a monster/creature/horde.
  3. Obtain a McGuffin (item, vehicle, money, magic artifact, spell, your lost/stolen valuables, etc)
  4. Obtain Information (an ancient book, a piece of gossip, a clue, secret codes, a way to break the curse).
  5. Protect/Escort /Guard a person/creature (a rich merchant, a researcher, a young prince targeted for assassination, a last of its kind monster, tax collector, witness).
  6. Deliver a person (make sure they don’t escape).
  7. Rescue a person/creature (rescue a hostage or a kidnapped person, break them out of captivity).
  8. Track, Find, Chase, and Capture/Catch a person/creature/vehicle (a criminal, a runaway, a ship, a lost pet, an escaped experiment, the infected).
  9. Find and save the missing person (lost kid, caravan, courier, spy.
  10. Deliver a valuable/fragile item/cargo and protect it from danger (artwork, cursed artifact, mysterious crate, a treasure map, a message).
  11. Destroy the target (an object, a cursed item, enemy weapon or infrastructure, the enemy base, a piece of blackmail on someone, a source of infection, close a portal).
  12. Sabotage a plan (disrupt a ritual, prevent a prophecy, undermine the invasion, stop villain from achieving their goals).
  13. Capture and secure the base/location (enemy city, friendly city under siege, a building, a military target).
  14. Defend a location (protect a village from monsters, a city from the enemy army, prevent enemies from passing a bridge or a tunnel, protect a crime scene, meeting site, warehouse, protect a ritual to ensure it will get completed).
  15. Your town/building/ship has been captured and overtaken by enemies. Survive under siege, liberate it.
  16. Robbery/Heist (rob a train or a blimp, abduct a person, commandeer a ship, steal diamonds from the casino, steal wand from the mage tower).
  17. Protect many innocent people (save people from a natural disaster for example, release the prisoners/slaves).
  18. Win a competition (Complications: your team is bad, the other side cheats, you can only win by cheating, the event is more deadly than it was supposed to be. You are competing for other purpose than victory, such as to keep another contestant safe, to spy on someone, or to get into the place where the event goes down, to prevent villain from winning, to prove yourself, to impress someone).
  19. Prepare for the mission. Get equipment/supplies/transportation/funding.
  20. Deal with the consequences of a botched/evil magic ritual.
  21. Distract the enemies. Act as bait for the ambush/trap.
  22. Train a novice, keep a noble person safe while they go on adventure.
  23. Build or repair an object (by collecting McGuffin ingredients).
  24. Perform a Ritual.
  25. Law Enforcement - act as a police for a town.
  26. Intercept a delivery, escort, communications.
  27. Prepare and execute an ambush.


  1. Survive/avoid environmental dangers (think of the place itself as the “villain”, it is a monster without HP that “wants” to hurt players or drain their resources, and has certain powers to accomplish that. Traps, cave-ins, lava eruptions, rock-slides, avalanche, collapsing buildings, impenetrable mist, wild animals, dangerous/poisonous flora, falling into a pit, getting lost, etc).
  2. Overcome environmental obstacles (a river on your way, a closed gate, climbing a mountain, a swamp, quick sand, slipping hazard above the abyss, thin ice, wild magic area. Retrieve an item from the bottom of the lake.).
  3. Travel through multiple locations to reach the target.
  4. Explore the location (to learn about it, to map it, to figure out what happened here. To find bandit camps, enemy encampments, monster nest, a way through, resources).
  5. Find a lost location/person/item/treasure/clues.
  6. Scout for information, survey the location/region (ahead of group, enemy territory, monster infested territory, uncharted wilderness).
  7. Clear location of danger (creatures, traps, haunting ghosts, curses, infestation).
  8. Track something/someone, find a trail.
  9. Deal with a natural disaster (storm, earthquake, flood, meteor).
  10. Survival (without food/water, deal with harsh weather, diseases. Find shelter. Repair a ship or a radio. Find a way to get back home.)
  11. Enter a guarded area (overcome defenses, defeat security, sneak in unseen).
  12. Escape guarded location (break out of prison).
  13. Use environment to your advantage (start an avalanche to block a pass, assume the most optimal position for combat).


  1. Convince/Persuade a person to do/say/give you what you want.
  2. Intimidate/Manipulate/Blackmail/Force someone to do what you want.
  3. Befriend/Seduce someone, make allies.
  4. Gain confidence or forgiveness of a person who doesn’t like you.
  5. Find a non-combat resolution.
  6. Get caught lying/cheating/sneaking, and rectify the situation.
  7. Persuade a group of people (an organization, an angry mob, snobby nobles. Persuade the army to take a route that will slow them down/lead them into an ambush, convince the bandits to raid the enemy, convince farmers to donate food).
  8. Gain social status, power, political influence (prove your worth, gain respect, impress someone, get elected).
  9. Change someone’s social status (make them look good/bad, get them elected, overthrow a ruler).
  10. Run a kingdom/village/team/organization/business, lead an army (build a new one, restore the failing one to former glory).
  11. Change the society/group/organization (raise morale, lower the crime, stop witch hunts, deal with corruption).
  12. Gain control over the territory (invade a country or repel the invasion).
  13. Put down or incite rebellion/mutiny/conspiracy.
  14. Negotiate a deal, bargain (political compromise, hostage negotiations, trade information, convince them to sign a document).
  15. Resolve conflict, broker peace, unite rivaling factions, settle dispute.
  16. Establish political/trade relationships .
  17. Navigate a strange culture/customs (without offending anyone).
  18. Cause conflict/rivalry/war, pit people/factions against each other (get enemy minions to mistrust each other).
  19. Deceive a person.
  20. Set someone up, shift the blame to someone else.
  21. Infiltrate a group, conceal your identity (cult, bandits, enemy citadel, thieves guild).
  22. Find the spy/traitor/mole.
  23. Deal with being blackmailed, spied on, threatened, manipulated.
  24. Deal with a nasty rumor or important information/secrets about yourself being out there.
  25. Defend someone (or yourself) in the court.
  26. Prosecute/judge someone in the court.
  27. Put on a show, entertain.
  28. Redeem or corrupt a person (teach someone a lesson, seduce someone to the dark/light side).
  29. Recruit people to your cause.
  30. Find a way to get someone to owe you a favor, find a way to repay the debt you owe to someone else.
  31. Enforcement - apply pressure to a person to get them to do something or behave in a specific manner, without killing. (Calm down the rowdy gang, collect the debts).
  32. Get enemy soldiers/minions to defect and switch sides.
  33. Create a disinformation/propaganda campaign (feed it to the enemy spy, destroy someone’s reputation, saw fear in the hearts of the enemy soldiers).
  34. Perform a con.


  1. Steal (or plant) an item/information (modify enemy maps, plant disinformation. Plant clues to frame a person).
  2. Escape from danger (overwhelming force, ambush, pursuit of the law or criminals).
  3. Hide, cover your tracks, lay low.
  4. Sneak through undetected (sneak past enemy lines to deliver a message to allied forces, sneak past the bouncers into a party).
  5. Assassinate stealthily (sneak into the king’s chambers, lure them out, use poison, make it look like an accident).
  6. Deal with getting noticed / drawing an unwanted attention.
  7. Clean up evidence (yours, someone else’s).
  8. Exchange a real item for a fake or vice versa.
  9. Return a (creature, item) before anyone notices it’s missing.
  10. Sabotage (device, ritual) without being noticed.
  11. Smuggle (creature, person, item) into or out of a location.
  12. Security Testing - breach the clients security unnoticed.
  13. Frame a person/group/nation for a crime.
  14. Fake someone’s death.
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